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ONLINE rave parties together on zoom & twitch

the Best Virtual Zoom Watch Parties & Online Dance clubs. Rave and Meet New People while Watching Livestreams Online.


Music, art, and dance creatives come together for an incredible online experience.
Illustration of Cyber Rave experience displaying a girl wearing headphones and computer glasses in front of two monitors: one to watch DJ performances on Twitch and another for virtual party room on Zoom.


Be part of the virtual show through a CROWD cam and meet other PARTY PEOPLE. Dance, get litty in video spotlights, or just kick back and vibe.
Save Your Spot
A collage image with over fifty screenshots displaying attendees having fun from prior Zoom parties.


Invite your crew, let's have a house party! 
An illustration displaying a diverse group of 5 friends and a dog having fun watching Cyber Rave livestream together at a viewing party.


Live painting by breakthrough artists from around the world is featured in the stream. Grab some of the art featured in our auction after the event! The art will be turned into an NFT token that will be yours.  
Save Your Spot
An illustration displaying a Cyber Rave even attendee looking at a large monitor on which there's a painting happening in real-time in a virtual room while music performers play their DJ sets.

LIVESTREAMED XR Virtual stages

Experience the future of online performances streaming live on smartphones, computers, and smart TVs.

What members say

THANK YOU for putting this together! Really needed something like this where strangers can hang out, listen to music, party, and dance together during a pandemic! Much love!
Taking online parties to a whole new level!
This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time!!! Thank you guys
This is like a pillow talk in one massive cuddle puddle with people I just met… I love y'all!
To be honest, before I knew what I was going to do for my BDay, I was pretty down about not being able to celebrate my 30th. Thank you for hosting this Virtual live event as I sweated, shuffled, and felt a little less lonely being with everyone that weekend. Cheers to love, creativity, art, and dance!
Whoever came up with this idea, you're the shit!
Hugs everyone! So glad to be able to share this space with y'all and enjoy music together this way :)
Welcome to the good rave life of zoom parties!
I had a blast, my boyfriend and myself! First time for everything and it was our first zoom party. It was great and we had a blast and look forward to more parties :)
I miss my rave fam! This is really nice to vibe with y’all tonight.
This zoom is essential for me like quarantining solo I’ll party a little but I really feed off of seeing what everyone else is up to

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We invite performers, painters, moderators, and volunteers to share our purpose.
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There’s a new way to meet people at Crewtify where you listen to your favorite live streamed music and party with like-minded people via Zoom.

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3 Tips to Reduce Stress and Have Fun During COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown

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