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April 10, 2022

There’s a new way to meet people at Crewtify where you listen to your favorite live streamed music and party with like-minded people via Zoom.


Are you lonely? You don’t have to be! There’s a new way to meet people through online music concerts, festivals and raves

Valentine’s Day just passed 

It feels more like Single Awareness Day! I cannot help but feel lonely, especially during these COVID19 pandemic times. It’s harder to meet people and connect with others more than ever. 

Today’s dating apps are overwhelming. 

The United States has the highest percentage (~15%) of its population using online dating services (approximately 49 million people), according to a recent Statista study from February 11, 2021. Are you one of them? 

There are so many people on dating apps, but it can be overwhelming and frustrating. Will you actually vibe with the other person? Are they just viciously swiping right? How do you know they actually look like their pictures or act like they say they do? Or will you be catfished? Over 50% of online daters report having been catfished in some capacity, according to a Bumble report.

Pandemics Toll on Socializing and Dating 

People used to go to nightclubs, bars, concerts and festivals for a number of reasons, according to Venture Articles.

  1. Hookups and Soul Mates
  2. Socialize
  3. Dancing
  4. Live Music

Now due to COVID19, “more app users go looking for love in pandemic times,” with app downloads, time spent and monthly active users growing substantially for sites like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble and Grindr according to a recent Wall Street Journal article from February 13, 2021. 

Luckily, there’s a new way to listen to live music, have fun, dance and meet new people! Online music dance parties/raves/concerts that use video chat like those on Crewtify (www.Crewtify.com). 

Why online Zoom dance/rave parties are a great way to meet new people:

1. You both love the same type of music

  • There is already a guaranteed connection between you both

2. You can express yourself

  • Dance, show off your moves, your costume, your home setup

3. You see each other via video chat

  • No edited pics or catfishing here
  • See how others express themselves, too.
  • Who catches your attention?

4. It’s easier to be proactive via DM/chat than at a normal crowded, loud, and busy nightclub, concert or festival.

5. You can get to know each other via DM/chat first to see if it’s worth pursuing

Never been to an online dance party/rave? Checkout Crewtify

Crewtify aggregates all the upcoming online dance parties on one site so it’s easy to find an event to go to. The best part? Most of them are free! No cover charge! No expensive drinks at the bar. No Uber/Lyft or parking. 

Source: Statista

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