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Our Purpose

We exist to make music shows more accessible while blurring the line between performer and audience when you attend concerts online.

Music is the universal language that speaks to human connection. Using technology, audiences can now experience live concert experiences and connect with artists anywhere in the world. Our purpose is to deepen the connection between you and music.
We create imaginative visual worlds and interactive live-streamed performances that put our community members at the focal point of each show. That's why when you decide to join the party you will experience an incredible adventure, every single time!

We promote mental health and radical inclusion through music, art, and making great memories together.

From artist to vendor selection, we are always on the lookout for strategic and creative partners who have a shared set of values about safety, respect, and connection. With worldwide accessibility, strangers, fans, and friends can connect as a digital family towards a singular shared event.
Join the party and connect with creatives like you.
Crewtify’s main goal is to promote mental health by donating a portion of each event’s proceeds to a foundation that focuses on improving mental health. Our open, inclusive space invites everyone — no matter their class, gender, race, or sexuality — to enjoy the music, art, the freedom of expression, together as one.