Co-Reality Collective Presents:

A Twistmas Party: From Presents to Presence

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Welcome South Pole Dancers! Are you ready for Twistmas??

If so, please follow these instructions VERY carefully to ensure a safe journey. You are going to Antarctica after all.

**Open the Twistmas Party link (below) on GOOGLE CHROME**

**If you are having any technical difficulties please email**

The party open at 8pm GMT | Noon PT on Saturday, December 18th.

Please read all instructions:

  1. *If you logged onto New Year's Eve.rywhere, The Love Inn or Return to the Zone click "Login." Use the same email and password you created before.
  2. *If you did not attend New Year's Eve.rywhere, The Love Inn or Return to the Zone, you must "Create Your Account" (even if you attended one of our other parties that's not listed above). Enter your email, create a password, enter your party name and either upload a profile picture or choose one of the defaults.
  3. Go to:
  4. Click "Join Event"
  5. Follow Login or Create Account instructions above.
  6. Once you're in the South Pole, click on "The Magical Twistmas Cabin" icon - if you're on time. If you are running fashionably late, click on "Start Here."
  7. Then explore as many parts of the South Pole that you can!
  8. Click on "A Twistmas Party Schedule" at the top right of the site to see the full list of scheduled experiences. You can enter the experiences directly from the schedule or via the map.

This party is scheduled for 10 hours but you can leave and take a ride on Santa's Lap... errr... I mean... sleigh ride and come back at any time.

Enjoy the most twisted holiday party you've every experienced. Leave your presents at home - only your PRESENCE is required.

Your Burlesque Banana Dancer,

Co-Reality Collective

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